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-Evangelism Explosion International-
This is a comprehensive personal evangelism strategy that will equip your people in 13 weeks to share their faith and handle any objections to the gospel. Developed by Dr. D. James Kennedy in Coral Ridge, Florida, it is a proven tool for witness training. Evangelism Explosion is currently ministering in every nation and territory of the world and is available in multiple languages.
For upcoming clinic information call: 954-491-6100 ext. 314

-People Sharing Jesus-
This twelve-session evangelism study offers five different ways to share the gospel. It was developed by Darrell Robinson, former Vice President of the Home Mission Board, and published by Thomas Nelson. The video vignettes are humorous and a great teaching aid.
For more information go to the Total Church Life web site: http://www.totalchurchlife.net/
To set up a training conference with Darrell Robinson call: 334-634-8866

-Share Jesus Without Fear-
The reason most people do not share their faith is fear according to Bill Fay, author of Share Jesus Without Fear. This approach was developed out of Fay's personal experience. He has personally shared his faith over 10,000 times. This approach is very conversational and requires little memorization since it uses a marked New Testament. Bill Fay teaches the three-session course on video, which is included in the kit. For more information go the Lifeway Christian Resources web site: http://www.lifewaystores.com/lwstore/default.asp
To set up a 2 hour seminar at your church call the Evangelism Unit of the BGCO at: 405-942-3800

-God's Special Plan for Children-
This kit is designed to train children's workers and parents how to share Christ with children. Developed by the North American Mission Board the kit includes a video, training manual, a tract, and card set. To view other children evangelism tools go the following web site: http://www.namb.net/evangelism/mev/Family/children.asp
To order the Kit call the NAMB at: 1-800-448-8032

-got life?.org-
This 8-session study was developed by Ken Hemphill and Frank Harber. This study combines a conversational Gospel presentation with a powerful apologetic. The presentation and apologetic are built around two simple acrostics that anyone can learn. Training kit includes: tracts, CD with multi media presentation and helps, and training manuals. For more information go to the got life? web site: http://www.gotlife.org/main.php3 or call (866) 468-5433.

-The NET-
The North American Mission Board developed this 8-session study. This is a testimony based personal evangelism strategy. Your church members will learn how to insert the Gospel into their testimony and share the good news in a natural way. The NET relies upon the use of mentor training. The Kit comes with everything you need to to launch this strategy in your church. For more information go to the NAMB web site: http://www.namb.net/evangelism/thenet/ or call 770/410-6318.


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