The Capitol Prayer Gathering, 2023

The 2023 Capitol Prayer Gathering will return in February as an in-person gathering in Santa Fe. The event will take place at 6:00 P.M. on February 23, 2023. Legislators are invited to attend the event as special guests free of charge.

The CLC is also planning for several remote, satellite locations around the state that will participate in the program via two-way audio and video.

Additional information and required registration is now available by clicking the button below. Guests and church members may register online (through this page) or by calling Joy Pittman at (505) 924-2311 any time.

The prayer gathering intentionally focuses upon prayer for state and legislative leaders. No keynote personality will speak. Hosts, name readers and prayer leaders will read Scripture and lead in corporate prayer. While we unwaveringly practice and promote biblically founded convictions about many moral issues, in our prayer conversations with God, we ought to intercede for our leaders and state, as well.

The Capitol Prayer Gathering, funded by the Cooperative Program, is planned and offered by the BCNM’s Christian Life Committee. The event is non-partisan.

Thursday, February 23rd, 2023.

An in-person event. 6:00 p.m.

First Baptist Church, Santa Fe.

Satellite locations around the state (tba).

Program begins at 6:30 p.m.

Free* registration is required.

*Some limitations apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen at the event?

Participants will pray for New Mexico’s legislators, Governor, other state officers, Supreme Court justices, and Public Regulation Commission members. The event includes a meal and a program. During the program, name callers will read groups of names and a prayer leader will lead participants in praying for those individuals. The roll-call-type praying will continue through every name. A brief Scripture reading and Gospel presentation will open the meeting. A spoken blessing will close the meeting.

Name reading and prayer will be led by individuals from the satellite locations, as well as individuals at the main dinner location in Santa Fe.

The program will last 50-55 minutes, not including the preceding meal.

Do I need to register?

Yes. Registration allows event planners to provide sufficient technical platforms for all virtual participants, and to communicate with participants on how to join the event. Participants will also receive materials to facilitate their participation.

What does it cost to register and attend?

The event is free*. Its costs are covered by generous gifts by churches to Cooperative Program, a Southern Baptist financial giving plan.

*Two members from a BCNM participating church can attend at the Santa Fe location for free. Additional members may attend that location for a nominal fee to defray the cost of the meal. Any number of members from a church can participate for free at satellite meeting locations. Those satellite locations will be announced soon.

Who is invited to attend the gathering?

The Capitol Prayer Gathering is open to anyone who wishes to participate. Special invited guests include all members of the New Mexico House of Representatives, members of the New Mexico Senate, and other elected officials, officers and judges. Special guests attend at no cost.

The BCNM covers the cost for two members of BCNM churches to attend free of charge. Additional church leaders, members and non-Baptist Christians in the state are also encouraged to attend at a nominal cost. For more information, contact Joy Pittman at (505) 924-2311.

Any number of members from a church can participate in the meeting via one of the satellite locations around the state. Those locations will be announced soon.

Where is the gathering being held?

The BCNM’s Christian Life Committee has decided to host the event in-person. It will be held in the gym at First Baptist Church, Santa Fe, and will include a meal.

The CLC is also planning for several satellite locations where individuals can attend and participate in the meeting virtually with a group. The satellite locations will have two-way audio and video with the main meeting in Santa Fe.

The purpose for the satellite locations is to increase participation and prayer for state leaders and to allow state leaders to see New Mexico Baptists praying for them.

Registration will be required for the satellite locations when they are announced. No meal will be provided at those locations. Registration and participation at satellite locations is free for any number of members from a church.

Can my church use the Capitol Prayer Gathering for its mid-week prayer service.

The CLC is making plans for two-way virtual participation this year via specific “satellite” locations in addition to the main meeting in Santa Fe. Locations will be in the states south, southeast, south central and northwest regions. Churches, near the satellite locations are encouraged to send members those locations to participate.

The event will also be streamed online via Facebook Live. No registration is required for Facebook live viewing.

Is this a political event?

The Capitol Prayer Gathering is a biblically-inspired meeting of New Mexico Baptists to pray for our state government’s leaders. It is not political. It does not address legislative issues, priorities or controversies. No keynote speaker is planned. No political party will be highlighted. The gathering practices and promotes prayer for New Mexico lawmakers and other state officials. Its content consists entirely of Scripture, the Gospel, reading of names, and prayer segments. The Bible calls on Christians to pray for those in authority (1 Timothy 2:1-4). New Mexico Baptists are committed to praying for our leaders, regardless of political affiliation or positions on various issues.

Who is sponsoring this event?

The Capitol Prayer Gathering is an official event of the Baptist Convention of New Mexico. The convention’s Christian Life Committee plans and offers the event. The convention’s Information Services Team staff assists the CLC with the event. The team’s leader registers with the state as a lobbyist for the purpose of interacting with legislators to promote the event, placing it on the legislative calendar, and possibly giving legislators a gift. The Capitol Prayer Gathering is funded by the generous gifts of BCNM churches to the Cooperative Program.