Preschool and Children’s Ministries

BCNM Can Help:

  • By providing training for your teachers
  • By leading retreats for older children
  • By offering events such as statewide camps and a statewide one-day evangelism conference (Young Lives Ablaze)
  • By linking your children’s director or minister to other people with similar jobs in other churches across the state.  This includes an annual retreat for leadership to network together and share ideas.
  • By guiding your children’s ministry to discover a vision and focus


Topics We Can Cover During a Workshop:

  • How to Lead Children to Christ
  • How to Follow Up with Children Who have become Christians
  • Safety and Security
  • Policies for Preschool and Children’s Ministry
  • Characteristics of Children
  • Creative Teaching
  • Storytelling
  • Preparing to Teach
  • How to Use Curriculum
  • Control vs. Chaos in the Classroom: Using Discipline


Click Here for Suggestions for Creating a Safety and Security Policy

  • By providing you with or pointing you to resources for children’s ministry
  • By consulting with your children’s leadership for direction and evaluation of your children’s ministry
  • Vacation Bible School Training
  • Work with your leadership to plan special events
  • Discussing and recommending curriculum that would be appropriate for your programs.




  • What should kids be learning at what age?
  • Teaching the Bible with Games
  • Teaching by Age Groups: from Babies through Preteens
  • How to be the Best Teacher You Can Be
  • What should our preschool and children space look like?
  • How to Connect Children’s Ministry to Family Ministry
  • Teaching Boys vs. Girls
  • How do Children Learn
  • Ministering to Children and their Families
  • Responsibilities of a Teacher