The Evangelism and Discipleship team has organized four weeks of equipping that will stretch all across New Mexico. You will be able to hear James Walker, President of Watchman Fellowship, equip people in 22 different locations in 23 days. Everyone that attends the equipping times will hear “The 4 Views – Key to Sharing Christ with Other Faiths.”

Please, won’t you consider joining us at one of the remaining locations nearest you as well as encourage your church members to go with you?

April 26—Calvary Baptist Church, Las Cruces (map)
8:30am, 9:45am, and 11:00am. Preaching in Sunday morning services
Contact Associate Pastor Gregg Higgins, 575-522-7900

April 26—Calvary Baptist Church, Las Cruces—Rio Grande Association-Wide (map)
2:00pm – 4:00- Equipping
Contact DOM James Underwood, 575-523-4348

April 26—First Baptist Church, Deming (map)
6:30pm- Equipping
Contact Pastor of Students, Cliff Jackson, 575-546-6509

April 27—NMSU Christian Challenge (map)
12:00pm- Equipping (lunch meeting)
Contact Director DavidE, 575-524-9691

April 27—Bethel Baptist Church, Alamogordo; Mountain Valley Association-Wide (map)
6:30pm- Equipping
Contact DOM Gary Buckner, 575-437-7311

April 28—First Baptist Church, Silver City (map)
6:00pm Equipping (Snacks provided)
Contact Associate Pastor, Jason Anderson, 575-388-1582

April 29—Western New Mexico University Christian Challenge (map)
Lunch meeting
Contact Director Steve Timmons, 575-538-0012

April 29—Church at the Butte (map)
6:00pm Equipping (Snacks provided)
Contact Pastor Joe Byers, 575-744-4487

May 3—First Baptist Church, Tatum (map)
9:30am- Sunday morning Bible study
10:45am- Service
Contact Pastor Wayne Brazil, 575-398-8366

May 3—First Baptist Church, Artesia (map)
6:00pm- Equipping
Contact Pastor Joseph Vest, 575-748-1308

May 4—Pecos Valley Association (map)
Noon- Equipping
Contact DOM Joseph Tillery, 575-746-3059

May 4—Jackson Avenue Baptist Church, Lovington (map)
6:30pm- Equipping
Contact Pastor Dave Rowser, 575-396-4148

May 5—First Baptist Church, Eunice (map)
6:00pm- Equipping
Contact Deacon Troy Hahn, 575-394-2568

May 6—First Baptist Church, Tucumcari (map)
6:30pm- Equipping
Contact Pastor John Hinze, 575-461-2724