Welcome to our legislator resource page. We are beginning with the webinar below with Matt Goodsell of Capitol Ministries. It has several segments, which are referenced in our 2024 legislator gift, the New Mexico Legislative Journal.

For those unable to view the entire 41-minute webinar, the chart below indicates the times for each segment. Just move the pointer to the correct time and let the webinar play for the segments you wish to view.

We have also posted a PDF version of the Bible study Matt presented in the webinar. Download it here for a quick reference and for later convenient access.

As we develop other resources for legislators, we will post them here as well.

Matt Goodsell Webinar

Move the player position slider to these times to view a particular segment of the webinar.

Note for Mobile Viewers: The size of your screen may prevent you from adjusting the play head in the position bar to the times marked. For a better experience with moving the play head, view the video on a laptop or desktop computer.

00:00    Introduction of Matt Goodsell

05:00    God Equips Us for Good Works

10:21    Knowing the Truth Avoids False Teaching

18:54    The Establishment of Biblical Fellowship

24:19    Accountability

27:48    Essential Encouragement

30:41    Necessitous Prayers

34:43    Obedience is Equal to Loving God

37:31    Information about Capitol Ministries

These segments above correspond to the topics printed inside the front cover of the New Mexico Legislative Journal provided to each legislator as a gift during the 2024 session.

Learn more about Capitol Ministries by visiting capmin.org.

The Christian Life Committee is a working committee of The Baptist Convention of New Mexico. It seeks to mobilize New Mexico Baptists around social and moral issues selected by convention messengers.