What is ‘New Mexico Kids Reading God’s Word’?

The most recent Lifeway Research Survey shows that two-thirds of young people say they stopped regularly going to church for at least a year between the ages of 18 and 22.

So what is it that can make a difference between a young adult that chooses to stay with church or not? In the book Nothing Less by Jana Magruder, this exact question was posed to young adults. And the number one factor that made a difference, far more than anything else, was children and students that would read their Bible. Obviously, Bible readers are more apt to be spiritually mature enough to understand the importance of church as they become adults. What does that mean for you and your church? Simply put, children need to be reading their Bible. Setting their hearts and minds on God’s word early in life creates a mindset for spiritual priority throughout their life.

A free resource that is available to you is a simple pamphlet called “New Mexico Kids Reading God’s Word’. This pamphlet will challenge children and families to do the following things as it comes to Bible use:

  • Start with preschoolers reading them Bible stories from a story Bible and introducing them to God’s word.
  • Beginning with Kindergarten and going through 6th grade, children should own a whole Bible. Third graders could receive a new Bible for older children while 6th graders could receive a Student Study Bible.
  • Starting with Kindergarteners, each age level is given different passages in Luke to either be read to them or to read themselves as they become readers. By the time they are 5th and 6th graders, they can read the entire book of Luke on their own.
  • Children are challenged to learn Bible skills. This begins with learning the Books of the Bible and continues with learning the divisions of the Bible. 5th and 6th graders who have been working on Bible skills can learn to find any verse in the Bible in 10 seconds. Children who are familiar with their Bible are more apt to read their Bible.

All you need to do is pick up the pamphlet from us and run copies for the kids in your church encouraging them and challenging them to finish. You can set the pace, the deadline, and maybe even offer prizes for those kids that finish. For example, the pastor gets a pie to the face if 20 kids finish their work. Or, every child that finishes gets a certificate and is recognized in church for finishing their work. Customize it for what fits your setting and your church.

We can send you a digital copy or a hard copy. Just email Lydia Nelson at lnelson@bcnm.com or call 505-924-2316.

If your church would like a beginning boost on the importance of getting kids to reading God’s word, I am always available to speak or teach a workshop at your church. I can show teachers how to incorporate Bible skill games into their teaching and demonstrate the importance of Bible reading. Feel free to contact:



P.S. Please share with us how many kids completed the challenge!

New Mexico Kids Reading God’s Word Digital Copy

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