2023 New Mexico Evangelism Conference

Monday Evening, February 27, 2023

4:30 pm Exhibits Open and Registration Begins
5:45 pm Prayer and Welcome
6:00 pm Praise & Worship–Evidence
6:30 pm Message–Willie McLaurin
7:10 pm Praise & Worship–Evidence
7:30 pm Message–Jamie Dew

Pie Fellowship following the session.


Tuesday Morning, February 28, 2023

7:30 am  Coffee with the Crew–Networking time with Tar Henderson and Rick Brittain (Free but please check this option when you register online)

7:30 am – 8:40 am (or when they run out of food)  New Mexico Disaster Relief Volunteers will be serving FREE breakfast burritos. They will have their new kitchen trailer set up in the parking lot at the church. Take your burrito and head to The Gathering for coffee or water, enjoy fellowship around the tables and visit the evangelism conference displays.

7:30 am Exhibits Open and Registration Continues
8:50 am Prayer and Welcome
9:00 am Praise & Worship–Evidence
9:20 am Message–Bryan Galloway
10:00 am Praise & Worship–Evidence
10:20 am Message–Willie McLaurin


11:15 am Children’s Ministry Leaders Lunch. Kristy Wallace will share insights from years of experience being a children’s leader.    ($5 pre purchased tickets required, choose this option when you register online)


Tuesday Afternoon, February 28, 2023

Breakout Session One: 1:00 – 2:15

Samuel Bierig–Deconstruction, Pornography, and Social Media, oh my!

Jamie Dew—Theology of Evangelism:  Why do we do it?

Tara Dew–Serving Out of the Overflow

Evidence—Worship Leaders Panel

Bryan Galloway—The Nations Among Us

Beau Lamb—2 ½ Blocks Away: Reaching Dads From Broken Homes

Willie McLaurin–Win New Mexico

Paul Meldrum—Worship Based Prayer – A Pillar of Gospel Progress

Billy VanCamp–Why Am I Where I Am Right Now?

Kristy Wallace—More Than Bible Stories


Breakout Session Two: 2:30 – 3:45

Samuel Bierig–Deconstruction, Pornography, and Social Media, oh my!

Jamie Dew—Theology of Evangelism:  Why do we do it?

Tara Dew–Serving Out of the Overflow

Evidence—Worship Leaders Panel

Bryan Galloway—The Nations Among Us

Beau Lamb—2 ½ Blocks Away: Reaching Dads From Broken Homes

Willie McLaurin–Win New Mexico

Paul Meldrum—Worship Based Prayer – A Pillar of Gospel Progress

Billy VanCamp–Why Am I Where I Am Right Now?

Kristy Wallace—More Than Bible Stories


Tuesday Evening, February 28, 2023

4:30 pm Exhibits Open and Registration Continues
5:45 pm Prayer and Welcome
5:55 pm Praise & Worship–Evidence
6:30 pm Message–Jamie Dew
7:10 pm Praise & Worship–Evidence
7:30 pm Message–Henry Phan

Breakout Session Descriptions

Samuel Bierig Deconstruction, Pornography, and Social Media, oh my!: What’s a church to do with today’s youth?

Helping local church leaders address the needs of today with the answers of yesterday and every day.


Jamie Dew Theology of Evangelism:  Why do we do it?

In this breakout session, we will take a look at the Bible and the Theology of Evangelism that is in the Bible. We will explore why it is important to have a theology of evangelism and why we do it.


Tara Dew Serving out of the Overflow

Do you feel weary and worn? How do you serve others when you yourself are running dry? In this breakout we will walk through Psalm 23 and learn what God teaches about Himself as our Shepherd and a “cup that runs over.” Let’s be women who know what it means to “lack nothing” and serve out of the overflow!


Evidence Worship Leaders Panel

The members of Evidence, Kirk and Julianne Kirkland and Tim and Amy Henning, are worship leaders at Judson Baptist Church, Nashville, Tennessee. They will share answers to your questions about all aspects of worship and worship leading. We have asked several New Mexico worship leaders for topics to use as starters for them.


Bryan Galloway The Nations Among Us

Five practical steps to evangelize and plant churches among the nations near us.


Beau Lamb 2 ½ Blocks Away:  Reaching Dads From Broken Homes

New Mexico ranks 48th in Family and Community stats and 50th in child well being. 43% of our children, grow up in broken homes. The vast majority of them grow up without a dad in their lives on a daily basis. Many of these dads long to have a deeper relationship with their kids. They just don’t know how. If we as the church can reach one dad and his impact changes the life of his child, generations are impacted for the Kingdom. Come and let me share with you some of the things that are going through that dad’s mind so you will better know how to reach him with the Good News.


Willie McLaurin Win New Mexico

Any way you slice it, New Mexico is a Mission Field. This breakout session will explore a simple and easy to remember model for engaging anyone, anytime, anywhere with the Gospel.  You will be introduced to tools that you can use personally and corporately to reach your Harvest Field with the Gospel.


Paul Meldrum Worship Based Prayer – A Pillar of Gospel Progress

Why do we evangelize? It is because of the Holiness of God, the forgiveness that Christ won on the cross, and the desire to see God glorified by people being justified.

Worship Based Prayer grows our lives with a maturing experience of the presence of our Holy God.  His holiness calls us to worship, leads us to repentance and humbles us before Him.  God’s holiness motivates us to speak the Gospel of Jesus so others can be reconciled to our Great and Awesome God.

Our time will be spent, being exposed to and experiencing Scripture Fed, Spirit Led, Worship Based Prayer.

Come join us for a wonderful time in the presence of our Holy and Loving God.


 Billy Van Camp Why Am I Where I Am Right Now?

Pastor Billy VanCamp leads a network of churches in Queen Creek, Arizona with a weekly reach of 2,400. He will share that in order to see something different, you have to stare at something different. If God is doing something different, follow God’s lead and do something different. You will learn ways to move your life and ministry forward.


Kristy Wallace  More than Bible Stories

How do we effectively disciple children and lead others to do the same? Let’s talk about partnering with families and teaching the Gospel for the sake of our youngest and largest unreached people group.

Samuel Bierig serves as Vice President of Undergraduate Studies, Dean of Spurgeon College, and Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies at Spurgeon College. Dr. Bierig teaches Hermeneutics and Biblical Theology and gives oversight to the many and varied programs, teams, and curriculum that comprises Spurgeon College. Sam has served as an elder at Liberty Baptist Church where he and Mallory are church members and was a Student Pastor for six years in Arkansas. Sam completed his Ph.D. in Biblical Theology at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary where he wrote his dissertation on hermeneutics and the interpretation of the book of Proverbs. Sam also holds degrees from Southern Seminary and Ouachita Baptist University. He has written a devotional on Jonah, a book for pastors titled “No Neutral Words: The Pastor’s Investment and Stewardship of His Most Precious and Powerful Tool”, and a book for student pastors titled “Fulfill Your *Student Ministry: A Manifesto and Field Guide”. He is a regular contributor at ftc.co.

He is happily married to Mallory, and they have four children: Abby, Levi, Owen, and Piper.


Jamie Dew President of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary & Leavell College

Jamie Dew is the president of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and Leavell College.

Previously, he was the vice president for undergraduate studies and distance learning at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

He holds an MDiv and PhD in theological studies from SEBTS, as well as a PhD in philosophy of mind and philosophy of religion from the University of Birmingham (UK).

He is married to Tara, and they have two sets of twins.


Tara Dew Jamie and I met in our church’s high school youth group, and were married 6 years later. We have been blessed with two sets of twins: Natalie & Nathan and Samuel & Samantha. My primary ministry is to my family, as many hours of each day are spent homeschooling, training and discipling our four children.

When I was a sophomore in high school, I felt God’s call on my life into ministry. Over the years, this has taken on many different forms. I served as a Pastor’s wife for almost 10 years, where I served in AWANA, coordinated the nursery volunteers, led the women’s Bible study, and helped with hospitality events. When my husband transitioned out of the pastorate to academia, I became a Dean’s wife, as Jamie was the Dean of the College at Southeastern in Wake Forest, NC. In the local church, I continued serving in both women’s and children’s ministries. I co-directed our church’s Women’s Internship, served in AWANA, and loved teaching women the Word of God in our small group and discipleship classes.

As of June 5, 2019, my husband is the President of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in New Orleans, LA. This now makes me a President’s wife. What a blessing it is to serve the students, staff, and faculty of our institution, as well as women in our community, state and region. I also love all things ‘hospitality,’ and enjoy opening our home for friends, family, and guests. With Jamie’s new role, I counsel women on our campus, am an adjunct professor in our ministry to women program, accompany Jamie as he visits local churches, and speak at women’s events and retreats throughout the southeast. Through all of the ministry opportunities, two of my passions have remained the same: women and God’s Word!

Ever since I was a little girl, it was my lifelong dream to become a teacher. In 2003, I graduated from Meredith College with a Bachelors of Arts in Human Communication and a K-6 Licensure. After teaching second grade for four years, I became a stay-at-home Mom and continued my education online, receiving a Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning Elementary Education from Liberty University in 2012. I then started working on post-graduate, theological education and graduated with my Doctorate in Education from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in December 2018! My dissertation was entitled Survive or Thrive: An Exploration of the Preparedness of Southern Baptist Pastors’ Wives. Training, equipping and supporting ministry wives has become another passion and I am honored to direct and teach in our Ministry Wives Certificate Program called THRIVE.



Evidence Ministries is a concert ministry focused on the Church. Our mission from the beginning has been to Encourage and Challenge the Body of Christ to be evidence of a living, loving God to the world. Whether at our home church, where we serve as the worship leaders, or in churches around our nation, or with missionaries around the world, we long to partner with pastors and worship leaders to strengthen their churches and communities through the honesty, truth, and beauty of music. We do this through concert ministry, worship leadership workshops (working with choirs, praise teams, bands and orchestras), and conference leading (teaching on worship planning, worship leading, theology of worship, songwriting for the Church, and more).


Tim Henning and Kirk Kirkland grew up together at First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL, where Kirk’s father, Camp was the Instrumental Director and Tim’s parents were fully immersed in the worship ministry. After they each finished college they began to pray about ministering together. In God’s perfect way and time, Tim met Amy, and Kirk met Julianne and within a few years they were all in Nashville, TN together to begin the journey of EVIDENCE in 1999. Amy (originally from High Point, North Carolina) and Julianne (originally from Dayton, Ohio) were also steeped in Scripture and the music of the church, so it was Providential that these four would serve in this way together.

After 5 studio recordings and 8 years, the quartet stopped traveling in 2007 to serve their home church, Judson Baptist in Nashville, as the worship leading team. As a group, EVIDENCE has still sung and led worship often at Judson, and at conferences and other churches on occasion through the years. Each family has three children, ranging in age from 18 to 9. The Henning’s and Kirkland’s cherish any opportunity to share the songs and testimonies that point to the greatness and faithfulness of our God.


Bryan Galloway’s first love in ministry is cross-cultural disciple-making – sharing his own journey and walk of faith in Christ with the nations whether they reside at a distant or right near him next door.

Bryan is originally from Metropolis, Illinois, and came to faith in Jesus during his late teenage years. Shortly thereafter he responded to God’s call to make disciples of all nations no matter where that might be. Following the completion of a Bachelor of Arts degree, he completed a Master of Divinity degree and also holds a Doctorate in Cultural Anthropology.

After 26 years serving overseas as a church planter and a coach, trainer, and supervisor for missionaries in Asia Pacific, he still clearly hears that call to make disciples of all nations and all peoples. During his overseas service, he also served and coordinated the efforts as the Asia Pacific cultural researcher to unearth the people groups and paint a picture of the unreached unengaged peoples within Asia Pacific.

Bryan now brings his long-term expertise to unearth and coordinate the discovering of diaspora peoples. In so doing, he spends a lot of his time mobilizing and equipping Christians and the Church to reach the nations, the dispersed peoples, in their locale. Bryan’s passion is not only casting vision for unreached dispersed people, but also he himself being a part of God’s historic plan and planting churches among diaspora people.

He is married to Karen who willingly let’s others know that she also was called as a missionary and did not go overseas just because she was married to Bryan. Bryan and Karen have three children and six grandchildren.


Henry Phan is a member of the IMB Diaspora Mobilization Team serving the SBC churches to reach out to the diasporas in North America. He will be taking over as IMB’s director in the western region of the United States for Bryan Galloway within the next year

Henry served as a pastor of the Vietnamese Tacoma River of Grace Church in WA for 10 years before going overseas. Henry and his wife Thu served over 20 years as missionaries with the IMB in the Philippines, Germany, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Henry graduated from Gateway Seminary with a DMin thesis project “Christians’ Responses To Ancestor Worship Practices.” Henry and Thu have two grown children, Theresa, and Timothy.


Beau Lamb has served in ministry for more than 25 years. He and his wife, Melissa, began serving together as youth directors at Floyd Baptist Church when theybwere in college. Since that time, they have served at the NM Baptist Children’s Home for several years and with NAMB for 10 years in children’s and college ministry. Most recently, Beau has served as the bi-vocational pastor at FBC Santa Rosa for 11 years. Beau enjoys ministering through his business running heavy equipment and cattle ranching.

 Willie McLaurin Willie McLaurin is the Interim President and CEO for the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention. He has served churches in North Carolina, Arizona, and Tennessee. He studied at North Carolina Central University and Duke School of Divinity. Willie served on the state convention staff of the Tennessee Baptist Mission Board for 15 years. Additionally, he served our country honorably in the United States Army Military Intelligence Corp. Willie is the author of two books and is featured in several publications. He is married to Antonia McLaurin and they have two daughters.


Paul Meldrum Paul has been in pastoral ministry since 2006 and is Senior Pastor Emeritus at Flagstaff Bible Church.  Currently Paul serves at Flag Bible as an elder as well as leading both Prayer and Mission’s Teams. He also serves as pastoral oversight for the Flagstaff Christian School Board and leads a coaches Bible study at Northern Arizona University. Paul and his wife Ronna have been married since 1975 and have 3 married children, who are serving the Lord in various capacities. They also have 14 grandchildren.

Paul has been involved with The 6:4 Fellowship since 2015, and currently serves 6:4 as Regional Director for the Mountain West Region, as well as a Renewal Coach for The 6:3 Discipleship. Paul finds great joy in serving Christ with his amazing wife, and loves encouraging pastors in developing a culture of prayer in their lives and churches.


Billy VanCamp  is an Arizona Native, living with his family in Queen Creek, Arizona.

He is the founding Pastor of Heart Cry Church which holds three services every Sunday morning, with 1,200+ in attendance. He is also the founding Pastor of Heart Cry Cowboy Church which meets at Horseshoe Park and Equestrian Center every Sunday night with 300+ attendance. In addition, he holds ropings as an outreach to the community. The Heart Cry network of churches has baptized over 1200 people, and has helped plant 6 churches since 2004.

Pastor Billy is the host of Wild Ride TV’s show, First Step which debuts New Year’s Day 2023. The show will feature Cowboy personalities that will share how to grow in faith, with Pastor Billy being the host. (www.wildridestv.com).

Pastor Billy lives a life much like those he serves. He works his concrete business throughout the week, loves to hunt, fish, rope, and ride his mule as well as his motorcycle. He is known for his great preaching, caring heart, and his church that reaches far and wide to help its community.

He obtained his Diploma of Theology from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary in 2010.

He is married to Lisa VanCamp. They have 3 grown children who are all involved in ministry alongside their spouses.


Kristy Wallace

Mama to three and former English teacher, Kristy Wallace began her second career in local church ministry in 2016. Kristy and her family are members of The Summit Church, a multi-site Southern Baptist Church in Raleigh, North Carolina. After five years working with kids, parents, and kids leaders, she transitioned into a central support position as the Curriculum Director for all twelve campuses of The Summit. Kristy has a passion for Biblical literacy and relational discipleship, and she believes being paid to think about these things all week is an amazing gift

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