2024 BCNM Annual Meeting
October 22-23
Restoration Church, Clovis

Messengers and guests from all BCNM churches are invited to attend the 2024 Annual Meeting of the Baptist Convention of New Mexico.

Online registration, when opened, will allow churches to pre-register their messengers using a button on this page.

The annual meeting will include fellowship, preaching, worship, reports and business sessions, as well as a ministry exhibit area and other activities. The WMU Missions Celebration and Pastors and Laymen’s Conference will both take place just before the Annual Meeting.

BCNM President Stephen Baum, First Vice President Chris Promersberger and Second Vice President Al Carroll will preside over the meeting. Baum pastors First Baptist Church of West Albuquerque.

Convention Schedule

SESSION 1 – Tuesday, October 22, 2024


SESSION 2 – Tuesday, October 22, 2024


SESSION 3 – Wednesday, October 23, 2024


Attendees at the 2021 BCNM Annual Meeting, Roswell, participate in a prayer service as part of the Annual Meeting agenda.

Why do we have an Annual Meeting?

Southern Baptists are congregational, meaning that any authority given to the Baptist Convention of New Mexico and its entities ultimately comes from the local churches that choose to cooperate with the Convention. This is different from most denominations where an outside organization has authority over local churches.

The Annual Meeting of the Baptist Convention of New Mexico is a time for messengers who represent local churches to approve the budget and board members for the Convention and its entities. Messengers will also hear reports of what the convention and its entities have accomplished in the last year, thus providing accountability for the Convention.

It’s not all business at the Convention, though. Messengers also worship together through music and the preaching of God’s Word, helping us focus on the ultimate reason why BCNM exists: to advance God’s Kingdom in the Land of Enchantment. The Annual Meeting is also a time for churches to network with one another, helping each other fulfill the Great Commission throughout New Mexico.