New Mexico is a culturally diverse state.  The Baptist Convention of New Mexico embraces that diversity.  To get more information on a people group where the seeds of the gospel are being planted, click on the tabs below.

An estimated 5,000 people in New Mexico make up the Deaf Population.  Ministry to the Deaf is carried out through a leadership team.  Nine communities in New Mexico have deaf work – most are interpreted services and/or Bible studies.  Albuquerque has the only Deaf Baptist Church that is led by a deaf pastor, Bobby J. Graff.  The other communities with deaf ministries include Las Cruces, Anthony, Roswell, Hobbs, Clovis, Taos, Santa Fe and Belen.


Native American Baptists Advancing The Kingdom

New Mexico has a rich heritage of ministry among the 219,000 plus indigenous Native American peoples of the state.  Hiram W. Read began Native American Baptist Ministry while ministering to Santa Fe Residents in 1849.  In 1852, Samuel Gorman moved from Ohio to work as Baptist Missionaries, and they ministered among Navajo communities and the Laguna Pueblo area.  Jose Senon was the first to accept Christ as Savior through the Gorman’s ministry, and he later was ordained to the ministry.  The first Native American Baptist Church was the Alamo Navajo Baptist Church in Alamo.  Today, there are 30 Native American Baptist Disciple-making Congregations, and a number of church plants are underway.  It is a goal to see 20 more disciple-making church plants added by the year 2025, and for each congregation to be led by indigenous leadership.

The tribes that make up New Mexico are:  the Eastern Half of the Navajo Nation; 19 Pueblos who speak Kersan, Tiwa, Tewa, or Towa; the Jicarilla Apache Tribe to the North; and the Mescalero Apache Tribe to the south.  Urban areas such as Albuquerque and Santa Fe are home to peoples from tribes all over North America.  It is estimated that there is a 98% lostness among Native American peoples in New Mexico, when it comes to those who do not have a born again relationship with Jesus Christ.

New Mexico Native Baptists are actively part of Advancing Christ’s Kingdom  to engage lostness by:

  • Helping establish a Disciple-making Church for every person in New Mexico and every Native American community & Saturating in Prayer each Community
  • Becoming Multiplying Churches that are “Mission Response Teams” for Christ, locally & globally
  • Each Native Baptist to lead 3 people to Christ
  • 6 New Points of light each year
  • 2 New Church Plants a year for 10 years
  • Developing 4 Regional Multiplying & Revitalizing Church Equipping Teams (Farmington area, Gallup area, Rio Grande Corridor area, and Mescalero), which will help raise up pastors, church planters, and lay leaders to fulfill an indigenous person in each church in the roles of pastor, youth leader, and prayer coordinator
  • Intentional outreach to Hispanic people groups in the community of the local church
  • Plant 1 Multi-ethnic church in Albuquerque

New Mexico Native American Baptist Prayer Guide

Download (PDF, 457KB)


New Mexico Native American Baptist Partnership

The New Mexico Native American Southern Baptist Partnership is a partnership of over 30 Native American congregations in New Mexico which formed a unified ministry effort for the Kingdom of God. The administrative structure of the Native Baptist Partnership are laid out in its constitution and bylaws .  A Cooperating Southern Baptist Church in good standing is a pre-requisite for membership among the NM Native American Baptist Partnership.

 Purpose Statement: “Establish a working relationship among Native American congregations that unites and enables them to develop healthy Southern Baptist Churches.”

Inlow Indian Family Camp

~Over 60 Years of Meeting God and Making Memories~

New Mexico Native American Baptist Resource Guide

Click here to download the Native American Resource Guide. Inside you will find the following information: • New Mexico Native American Baptist Partnership • Training and Equipping Opportunities • Native American Southern Baptist Fellowships • New Mexico Southern Baptist Network “Help Guide” (Who to contact for help, needs, consultation) • Inlow Indian Family Camp at INLOW • Listing Of New Mexico Native American Southern Baptist Congregations • Mission New Mexico Projects for Native American Southern Baptist Churches


Among U.S. states, New Mexico has the highest percentage of Hispanics, including descendants of Spanish colonists who have lived in the area for over 400 years. There are 983,000 Hispanics of multiple generations in the state. We have 57 Hispanic churches, plants, and ministries. However, on a given Sunday no more than 3,000 Hispanic people attend our worship services. New Mexico is a mission field! We are seeking to plant churches in the Spanish, Bilingual, and English languages to reach the multiple generations of lost Hispanics in New Mexico. 

Are you interested in planting a Hispanic church (click here)

Hispanic churches without a pastor (click here)

Download information on:

Asuntos Administrativos Legales

El Rol de BCNM y La Iglesia Local

Guia de los Servicios de BCNM para las Iglesias Hispanas

Servicio Demografico MISSIONINSITE

Church Planting Funding in Spanish (click here)

Points of Light in Spanish (click here)

Cooperative Program in Spanish (click here)

Neighborhood Mapping in Spanish (click here)

Hispanic Baptist Associations:

Asociación Bautista Berea (click here)

Asociación Bautista Central (click here)

Asociación Bautista Sud Occidental

While the Asian population is small when compared to Hispanic and Native American, two communities are planting seeds among Asian peoples.  Albuquerque is home to Chinese Baptist Church.  This church offers Bible Study in Mandarin, English, and Cantonese.

in 2013 a Russian-speaking family felt led by the Lord to move from Sacramento, CA to Albuquerque.  Because there was no evangelical church in Albuquerque in their “heart language”, a new Bible Study was begun at Eastern Hills Baptist Church.  Services are totally in Russian and are currently reaching people from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

According to the latest census information, New Mexico is home to nearly 2,000 persons of Korean descent New Mexico has two Southern Baptist Korean congregations – one in Albuquerque and the other in Farmington.

New Mexico has one Southern Baptist Vietnamese Baptist Church.  It is led by bi-vocational pastor, Rev. Tan Thai.  For more information about this growing congregation, visit their web site at